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This is the Unit Crest of the 137th Infantry Regiment, United States Army. The crest is worn by every member of the regiment. The 137th Infantry regiment traces it's beginnings from the Civil War era as the 1st Kansas Infantry Regiment and later the 20th Kansas Infantry Regiment. The 20th Kansas Infantry Regiment was formed in the late 1800's to serve the militia needs of Kansas and later was re-designated as the 137th Infantry Regiment and became part of the 35th Infantry Division. The crest identifies the original battles and wars in which the regiment fought. · Five battle stars for WWII were awarded to the regiment in 1945 for service in · Normandy · Northern France · Rhineland · Ardennes · Central Europe
The Regiment fought from D-Day until the surrender of Germany in April, 1945 as a part of the 35th Infantry Division which was assigned to General Patton's 3rd Army. They assumed occupation duties until returning to the US and deactivated on 7 Dec 45. The Regiment was again called to active service in May, 1968 as part of the 69th Infantry Brigade (SEP) and sent to Ft Carson, CO. The regiment and brigade became a part of the 5th US Army Division Mechanized( Red Devils). It remained at Ft Carson until Dec, 1969 when it was released from active duty and returned to the Kansas Army National Guard. Many of the enlisted soldiers and most of the Regiment's Officers were sent to Vietnam as replacements to regular army units. In more recent times as part of the 35th Inf Division various parts of the unit have served in Bosnia and Operation Enduring Freedom. In the spring of 2004 the 2nd Battalion, 137th Infantry received their Bradley Fighting Vehicles and began training to assume an active role in the War on Terrorism. The Battalion was called to active duty early in 2006 and served for one year in Iraq.
69th Infantry Brigade (SEP) This Brigade was formed in 1963 when the Army eliminated the 35th Division and placed the Division’s units in State Brigades. Kansas units including the three 137th Infantry Battalions were assigned to the 69th Infantry Brigade.
35th Infantry Division (Santa Fe Division)  Until recently the 137th Infantry Regiment was a part of this Division for most of it's existence. Including WWI and WWII. Today the Regiment is a subordinate unit of the XX Infantry Brigade, as part of the South Carolina Army National Guard force structure.  The unit however is still located in Kansas.
1st Kansas Infantry
This regiment was raised at the time of the Civil War. It was made up of Kansas “Free Stater” men. The 1st Kansas Infantry Regiment was the forerunner of the 137th Infantry Regiment of today.
The Fighting 20th Kansas Infantry
The Kansas 20th Volunteer Infantry Regiment was raised in Kansas and deployed to the Philippines during the Spanish American War. This unit was also a forerunner of the 137th Infantry Regiment
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