1st Battalion  137th Infantry Regiment  This Web Site is Dedicated to the Patriots and Heroes of the 1st Battalion
The shape of the regimental coat of arms is a shield slightly over an inch in height with a blue background edged in gold. Centred at the top of the crest is a “fitchee” or pointed segment of green representing service on the Mexican Boarder in 1916. At the bottom of the crest are crossed, golden bolos, representing service of the 20th Kansas Infantry Regiment in the Philippines. In the center is a gold bar or baton. The gold baton was awarded the regiment by the French War Department commemorating the 137thInfantry’s capture of the historic town of Varennes in the Meuse-Argonne offensive in 1918 as part of the 35th Infantry Division. The baton on the shield is taken from the arrus or coat of arms of that town and represents the baton of a marshal of France The baton was awarded the City of Varennes when a young lieutenant captured Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette at Varennes when they were attempting to escape from Paris during the French Revolution. The motto at the bottom of the shield, “Valor For Service” is a magnetic challenge to every member of the 137th Infantry Regiment to do their duty to God and Country, thus upholding the high standards of service established by those of the regiment who have gone before.
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